Home Remedies for Cough

A cold and nasal blockage is very common and irritating problem that mainly occurs in cold weather or due to seasonal change. Common cold can also cause by consuming refrigerated foods and drinks. People with weak immune system are the target of this condition. A cough, throat pain and headache make this condition even worst. You can treat this annoying condition using simple yet highly effective home remedies.In general, people experience two types of a cough – the wet cough and the dry cough. In wet cough, there is a presence of mucus and phlegm unlike in a dry cough. The latter is the more painful one because the throat gets dried up due to lack of mucus. The most effective treatment for this is to look for a natural remedy for a dry cough.

It could be one of the worst feelings someone may have a dry, scratchy throat and a slight cough that is getting started before you go to sleep. Then, you wake up the next morning and your fears became a reality. Your cough and dry throat are no longer slight. They greet you and they plan to stick around for a while. You begin to feel down because you know that these ailments are going to affect your lifestyle and your overall efficiency.
That’s the bad news. But, there is good news. You can battle through this nagging dry cough with more than one home remedy. Matter of fact, there are several home remedies for a dry cough. You may try more than one to find the right one for you, but you can be sure that one of these will work for you.
Suck on hard candy. The worse part of a dry cough is the dryness you feel in your throat. When you cough you are hurting your throat and you end out making yourself feel worse. Sucking on hard candy will help lubricate your throat by increasing saliva. This will help relieve a dry cough and throat you are experiencing.
Steaming. One of the best home remedies for a dry cough is through steaming. Boil water and add 4 or 5 drops of eucalyptus oil. Put your head over the steam with a towel over your head to block in the steam. Keep doing this until when the water cools down. This help loosens the mucus and you can clear it from your throat more easily. Another way to do this is to take a hot bath and put the oil in your bath water then soak in it for about 30 minutes.
Gargling with salt water is another great remedy for a dry cough. Warm a glass of water just enough so you can put it in your mouth. Add two tablespoons of salt and mix it up completely in the water. Begin gargling with the solution. The salt in the water will kill the bacteria and the warm water will treat the inflammation.
Using these home remedies for a dry cough will only relieve the problem and not cure it. It takes up to 5 or 6 days to completely get over it. If it lasts for more than that you might need to visit your doctor and allow him to prescribe something stronger for you to take.



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