Natural ways to deal with mosquitos
You are sleeping, watching TV or just having a rest when a small but powerful creature comes and disturbs you with its cutting bite. Don’t know what to do? Follow our instructions on how to deal with mosquitos and live in comfort. We will suggest you natural ways to deal with mosquitos and make your time disturbs free.

The powerful lavender oil
Many people love lavender oil and it is used especially in making cosmetics for women. But when it comes to mosquitos, they can’t stay it. If you want mosquitos to run away from your house, then take a ribbon and put it in lavender oil, remove it and place around open windows. Mosquitos will forget the way to your home.

Dry Ice
If you want all mosquitos gather in one place, after get rid of them, we suggest a natural method of using dry ice which emits carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitos. You can take a box and put inside dry ice then follow how all mosquitos are coming to the box, then close it and drive away them. This may take time but it’s worth doing.

The easiest natural way to deal with mosquitos is coffee grounds. Just take coffee grounds and place them in your house.

Neem oil
Combine neem oil with coconut oil 1:1 and say good-bye to all mosquitos making you trouble. This is an effective way to keep mosquitos away from your territory. This oil mix is not only effective for mosquitos but also will serve your skin as a very useful cosmetic.

We use garlic in the kitchen and many of you know that garlic is a powerful tool against diseases. But it can help you struggling with mosquitos as well and will prevent them entering your house. Take pieces of garlic, boil in the water and use this water as a spray in your house. Even though the smell is not going to be pleasant but you will be sure mosquitos are gone.

This remedy is an amazing protector from mosquitos. So use mint extract as a spray and get rid of those unpleasant bites. Take mint extract and mix it with water, then spray this water all over the room, the result will surprise you.

Have bought a beer? Leave a cup for mosquitos and you will forget about their presence because they hate it.

If you have a garden full of basils, than you have a treasure. Simply pick basils plants and put them around your house to live without mosquitos.

Tea tree oil
Anti-bacterial function of tea tree oil is an excellent choice to struggle against little creatures. This natural way to deal with mosquitos is easy to use, simply take oil and put it on your face and body and sleep well.
There are many natural ways to deal with mosquitos but the simplest is using various oils because almost all of them has an anti-bacterial function and perfectly deals with these creatures making them forget about your house.






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